Technical Support

  1. Close all other tabs and windows.
  2. Refresh the tab/window with the game in it.
  3. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome. Other web browsers are currently not supported at this time.
  4. Clear your cache.
Desktop or laptop with Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.11
Intel Core i3 (or equivalent)
ATI Radeon HD 5470

Chromebook with Chrome OS
Intel Celeron N3060 (or equivalent)
Thank you for your interest in helping us make Sci-Ops run as well as possible! If you encounter any issues, please visit our bug report page and submit detailed information about the bug.

Gameplay Help

Try to put cover between you and the enemy. Only cover in an adjacent square to you can intercept enemy attacks -- and spare your armor.
Calibrate your gear and gadgets in order to use the minimum energy required to melt an enemy's armor. Efficient takedowns will empower your special actions, like the powerful Orbital Laser.
When choosing where to move, deny your enemies the benefit of cover by flanking their location. Move past cover to directly target an enemy. Look for positions where you have line of sight to the enemy, but they cannot target you because of intervening cover.
Whenever you have a chance to visit the Lab (e.g., in-between levels), choose the best armor and gear upgrades that you can afford. And remember that “best” depends on the challenges ahead. Try different combinations of upgrades to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Customer Service

If you purchased a license but have not used it, you can request a full refund within thirty (30) days of purchase. To return a purchase, send an email to [email protected] with the details of your purchase and the reason for requesting a refund. We will reply with ten (10) business days.
Please contact us directly and we will respond as soon as possible.