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❝As a homeschool mom who usually restricts video game play, I think Plasma Games is a great learning tool for any chemistry student. Players learn new concepts with each level in a fun and challenging way. You will be as smitten as I was with Sci-Ops.❞
Elizabeth Dillon
Homeschool Mom
❝I love how students' are learning about different science careers in Sci-Ops. They rescue a scientist and then learn about the skills that particular scientists has. I think that's awesome!❞
Kathy Glasheen
Instructional Coach
Plasma Games has created an educational experience within an exciting computer game that appeals to both middle and high school chemistry students. It works equally well in a classroom and a homeschool setting.❞
Sarah Hogg
Homeschool Mom
Plasma Games will inspire students to pursue STEM degrees in college.❞
Kelly DeLong
Director of K-12 Math and Science
Plasma Games would allow students to broaden their horizons as to what the possibilities are for their future career.❞
Kelly Lopp
Science Teacher
❝Characters in Sci-Ops have viable careers in our local economy that can pique student interest and make students aware that such careers are available in the current job market.❞
Darlene Schaefer
Curriculum Coordinator
Plasma Games would be an exceptional supplementary resource for Chemistry students, especially those students who need multiple exposures to content in a variety of modes.❞
Heather Dietzler
Chief Academic Officer
Plasma Games’ level of meaningful content does not exist in other games I have seen.❞
Heather Dietzler
Chief Academic Officer
Plasma Games is geared to target those students who might otherwise shy away from STEM careers.❞
Neva Winters
Chemistry Instructor
❝Chemistry is often viewed as difficult and the math involved is a problem for many students. This game makes learning chemistry engaging and if students get it wrong, they try again until it works.❞
Lucile Ganey
Science Teacher
❝Although Sci-Ops is certainly fictional in regards to the storyline, the STEM components of it are extremely real. I have no doubt that students will immediately discover ways in which they can apply knowledge in a variety of STEM-related opportunities.❞
Dr. Brian Hunnell
Assistant Superintendnent

Boost Confidence

Give your kids the confidence to succeed in STEM and watch their motivation increase.

Powerful Learning

Connect your child’s education to real-world applications and careers to give lessons context and purpose.

STEM Careers

Give your kids tangible dreams for highly paid and fulfilling STEM careers.

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Confidence level that students learn North Carolina high school chemistry standards with Plasma Games.

Pre-Plasma Games

Post-Plasma Games


Average boost in correct responses to questions on state high school standardized chemistry test.

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Of students enjoyed learning with Plasma Games and want it in their class.

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