If you want to purchase an individual license for home use, click here. If you want to purchase licenses for your class, school, or district, click here.
Yes, students of all genders, races, and economic status learn high school chemistry with over 99.99% confidence playing Sci-Ops based on multiple rounds of testing, including our Pilot Study. Click here to access the full research report.
Sci-Ops can run on any computer (PC and Mac) or Chromebook that can run the most up-to-date version of the Google Chrome browser. We recommend at least a 2.5Ghz 64-bit processor and 4GB of RAM for the best experience.
Anyone can play Sci-Ops to learn more about chemistry while having fun. Sci-Ops covers high school chemistry and physical science standards. Thus, it is perfect to play alongside high school chemistry and physical science classes, or as a refresher before college chemistry. It is also ideal for rising 9th-graders to spark a passion in STEM classes. That being said, kids as young as 8 years old and experienced students as old as 60 have enjoyed learning (or relearning) chemistry by playing Sci-Ops. (Note: Sci-Ops is currently only available in the United States of America. We look forward to expanding internationally soon.)
Emphatically yes! Males and females both loved Sci-Ops. About 3-in-4 students reported liking Sci-Ops, which is more than reported liking chemistry as a subject. Females also exhibited higher gains in both self-efficacy and utility for chemistry and STEM knowledge. Click here to learn more about the academic research-backed White Paper.
Yes! Students of all demographics liked Sci-Ops at relatively the same amount. But some groups saw greater gains. For example, African Americans showed the largest gains in chemistry and STEM interest. Click here to learn more about the academic research-backed White Paper.
Yes, Plasma Games is committed to supporting teachers and demystifying game-based learning (GBL) and the innovative pedagogical approaches used with Sci-Ops. We will be posting professional development videos, materials, and other resources on our website to help any teacher integrate Sci-Ops in their classroom. We also plan to offer professional development at state and national science teacher conferences as we scale across the United States. Please contact us for information about which conferences will will be attending.
Yes, Sci-Ops is designed for students to learn on their own and at their own pace. Sci-Ops can be used independently to give you some time to catch up on grading, as homework, or as an instant lesson for a substitute while you are sick or at a conference.
Sci-Ops covers about a third of the high school chemistry curriculum, and all of the chemistry-portions of the high school physical science curriculum -- in most states. Future episodes will cover additional standards. To see more information on the standards covered, click here.
No, there is no blood or gore in any of our educational games. The cartoon characters never even die -- they simply get beamed up or sit down. The game was designed for all ages and is appropriate for use in schools.