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Teachers are the most important part of our society. We know teachers struggle to engage today’s students with antiquated teaching tools. We are here to help you engage and connect with your students. Our educational games show your students that what they learn in class is important to the real-world -- and to their careers -- all through an exciting experience that they enjoy. Play Plasma Games to improve your students’ motivation and have a lasting impact on their lives.

Boost Learning

Engaged and motivated students learn more readily and see improved performance on essential tests.
Asian male teen with augmented reality glasses (AR glasses), a protective vest, and gas-powered boots standing next to a graph showing improved grades and test scores

Improve Satisfaction

Equip your science teachers with a product that is shown to engage students so they can do their job - teach!
African American female teen wearing augmented reality glasses (AR glasses) and full battle armor showcasing an Erlenmeyer flask

Save Time

Our tools are easy to use and can free up time for lesson planning, 1-on-1’s, or simply catching your breath.
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Sci-Ops: Global Defense (Episode 1)

Plasma Games’ Sci-Ops: Global Defense aligns to North Carolina standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and Next Generation Science Standards; Episode 1 covers 40% of the curriculum, including: properties of matter, atomic structure, periodic table and trends, electromagnetism, lasers, gases, and metals -- all in the context of real industry applications and in-demand careers

Easy and Flexible Implementation Options

Here are a few ways teachers can use Plasma Games with their classes. Please feel free to combine, adapt, or augment any of the implementation options to fit your curriculum and lesson plan.

A classroom of high school students have fun learning chemistry by playing Plasma Games’ Sci-Ops: Global Defense

Independent Learning Options

Students can independently learn with Plasma Games for entire class periods, parts of class or at home (e.g., as homework).
Plasma Games can be used as:

  • A powerful way to introduce, contextualize, practice, cross cut, and review standards-aligned concepts,
  • An individualized or personalized tool to engage and incentivize students, or
  • Part of an afterschool program, track out camp, or STEM/CTE initiative.
Well-dressed high school teacher demonstrates Plasma Games’ Sci-Ops: Global Defense to teach chemistry concepts to his classroom

Classic Classroom Implementation Options

Teachers can guide learning while using Plasma Games as a valuable tool.

  • Play the game with your class to anchor concepts in memorable simulations of real science,
  • Play a video from the game for your class to augment your lessons and help explain concepts, or
  • Use the in-class guides to spark discussions about real-world applications and technologies that embody each concept, the industries and careers that depend on each concept, and how this ties into broader topics of science and society.

Full teacher support and professional development available

Boost learning and pave the way for a STEM career!

❝There is no game like Sci-Ops as it fuses education and entertainment in a fun, unique, gaming experience.❞
Dr. Brian Hunnell
Assistant Superintendent
Plasma Games’ level of meaningful content does not exist in other games.❞
Heather Dietzler
Chief Academic Officer
❝The engaging gameplay of Sci-Ops is so much more appealing than other digital resources.❞
Donna Cotton
Director of Accountability and High School Curriculum
❝The ability to reach students through this gaming platform will in no doubt help students to better understand...❞
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Keith Hindman
Middle School Director
Plasma Games will inspire students to pursue STEM degrees in college.❞
Kelly DeLong
Director of K-12 Math and Science