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Why is Sci-Ops so Unique?

Fuses Gameplay & Science Standards

Students interact with standards aligned graphs, simulations, and models inside a 3D game as they use their gear to save our planet from the HIVE.

Application of Real World Technologies

Students apply science standards to real world technologies as they upgrade their gear in the lab, which provides purpose and meaning to their learning.

In-Demand STEM Careers

Students explore high paying STEM careers (which include community college, undergraduate, and graduate level tracks) as they rescue captured experts.

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What else will I have access to?

Teacher Portal

Track your students' progress, access helpful resources, and receive teacher support on your teacher portal.

Student Activities

Reinforce and assess your students' understanding of your state's grade-level standards with our engaging student activities!

Pacing Guides

Access our pacing guides that outline and provide tips on how to successfully integrate Sci-Ops and our student activities into your classroom for each unit.

Standards Alignment

View how our resources, game, and activities address your state's standards.

Professional Development

Attend a training or a coaching session to receive professional development and get the most out of our resources!

24/7 Support

Receive support from our customer support team, who are available to help in any way you need! Also, gain access to tutorial videos, and helpful teacher tips in your teacher portal.