Our Mission

We are on a mission to instantly inspire the next generation of science leaders. Our educational games are designed to meet students' and teachers' diverse needs, with the belief that the most powerful force in education is a sparked connection between a student and their teacher.
Built with love in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Hunter Moore


Hunter is the founder and CEO of Plasma Games. His passion for science and education began in childhood and later grew when he got a taste for educational instruction in the STEM field as a TA for engineering courses while in college. Hunter had the initial idea for Plasma Games based on his work experience at IBM, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, and Sandia National Laboratories, where a shortage of eligible, trained technical staff was apparent across the US economy. He has a BSME and MSME from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Annie Moore


Annie’s strong public accounting and financial reporting background makes her a tremendous asset to Plasma Games. She keeps the company running smoothly by overseeing human resources, payroll, financial reporting, tax, and procurement. Annie has a BS and MS in accounting from Samford University.

Christophe Renaud


Christophe is the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Legal Officer of Plasma Games. He has a deep passion for STEM education that dates back to his early education. He has mentored high school science teams (e.g., US FIRST Robotics and others) and been involved in high school STEM curriculum design. He has a BSEE from Tufts University, a JD from the University of Connecticut, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also dropped out of a PhD program at UNC to return to Plasma Games and tackle the US's greatest educational need: more STEM students.

Andrew Hansen

VP Engineering

Andrew is a highly talented software engineer with a passion for game development. He has experience developing games for entertainment, training, and simulation across multiple platforms, engines, and genres. Andrew is excited to design and code the future of educational games. He has a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Carson-Newman University as well as a Masters in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.

Michelle Gabele

Principal Game Engineer

Michelle has over 20-years of game development experience in the serious game industry. She started making games for marketing applications and later moved on to making educational and training games in the pharmaceutical and cyber security industries. She has a BA in Design & Technology from North Carolina State University.

Paul Ash

Full Stack Developer, Gameplay Programmer

Paul is a senior video game programmer with a well-rounded background and an ability to tackle complex challenges from multiple perspectives. His in-depth knowledge of system integration allows him to improve and optimize components based on a holistic view of the user experience and technical capabilities of the system.

Cody Hagman

UI/UX Designer, Illustrator

Cody is an artist and illustrator with a diverse background in print and digital media. After spending several years as a 3D animator, Cody went back to basics and earned an MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He has since worked with Disney to create animated comic book apps, Fisher Price to create animated short films, illustrated a children’s storybook, painted several book covers, and illustrated comic books. In his spare time, Cody creates oil paintings of dragons and designs collectible games.

Melissa Wessel

3D Artist, QA Lead

Melissa is a 2D and 3D artist who studied video game design at the Art Institute of Raleigh/Durham. She spent years building up her talent as an artist and has worked with a multitude of mediums ranging from charcoal drawings to digital illustration and character modeling. Melissa creates 3D assets for the game's characters and environments and has become known as the "QA Queen" for her ability to find bugs.

Ryan Benedetto


Ryan is a talented animator with an eye for detail and a strong desire to constantly improve. He graduated from Living Arts College as Valedictorian with a Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Game Design. Ryan is extremely passionate about video games and has developed many of his own going all the way back to summer camps he attended while in elementary school. When he’s not at work making video games, he’s at home playing them.


Phaedra Boinodiris

IBM, Learning Innovation Lead

Phaedra is recognized by the IGDA as one of the top 100 women in the gaming industry for her work founding WomenGamers.com. She has served as Serious Games Global Program Manager for IBM, where she led a team of experts in the development Innov8 and City One game platforms. She is also the author of Serious Games for Business: Using Gamificaiton to Fully Engage Customers, Employees, and Partners. Boinodiris has been published in Forbes Magazine, “Let’s Play! Turning Serious Business Issues Into Games” and also holds multiple patents. She has a BS and MS from the University of North Carolina where she developed her first serious game and spearheaded the initiative to offer scholarships for women who want to start their own careers. Boinodiris also speaks 5 languages and is a co-host for a gaming and all-things-tech podcast.

Sen. Howard Lee

Howard N. Lee Institute, Founder

Howard has written many articles on a variety of subjects with heavy emphasis on education and has contributed chapters to several scholarly books. He recently published his autobiography, The Courage to Lead, which details the challenges he faced in the segregated South of the early 20th century, his graduation from college, his Army service, and his eventual rise in politics. He is a graduate of Fort Valley State College in Georgia and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. In 1966, he was a key member of the staff of the Education Improvement Program at Duke University funded by the Ford Foundation. His primary responsibility was to create and direct a project in select Durham North Carolina City Schools focused on enhancing the prospects of middle school students to graduate from high school prepared for college. He has a long history of influencing education policy and enhancing student success in various roles as Mayor of Chapel Hill (1969-1975), a North Carolina Senator (1990-2004), and as Executive Director of the North Carolina Governor’s Education Cabinet. After leaving the Senate, he started the Howard N. Lee Institute for Equity and Opportunity in Education. The Howard N. Lee Institute has several programs, most of which recognize and support economically disadvantaged students who aspire to academic success in STEM courses.

John McConnell

Serial Entrepreneur

John is an investor and member of Plasma Games’ board. His experience includes co-founding and leading Medic Computer Systems through its initial public offering (IPO) in 1992 and eventual sale to Misys Plc for $932 million in 1997. As CEO and Chairman of A4 Health Systems, he grew and sold Allscripts (Nasdaq MDRX) for $304 million in 2006. He was recognized as a top CEO in the United States for stock price appreciation in 1995 and 1997, and was inducted into North Carolina’s Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in 2017.