Spark their passion for Chemistry! Infuse your Chemistry class with real-world applications and in-demand careers! Sci-Ops: Global Defense is a chemistry game that teaches at the high school level.

Educational Adventure

for Chemistry and Physical Science
with real-world applications
and STEM careers!

Plasma Games won a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research award in 2016 to build its innovative learning platform for high school chemistry, Sci-Ops: Global Defense
National Science Foundation
Award Winner

Backed by Academic Research


Confidence that students learn real chemistry while playing.

Plasma Games’ Sci-Ops: Global Defense is shown to effectively teach high school chemistry to 8-18 year olds


Average learning gains after just 30 minutes of play.

Plasma Games’ Sci-Ops: Global Defense is shown to boost learning of high school chemistry concepts for 8-18 year olds


Students want to play this game as part of their Chemistry class.

Plasma Games’ Sci-Ops: Global Defense is shown to be a fun, engaging, and desired resource for high school chemistry
  • Engaging, motivating, and effective for all genders, races, and socioeconomic status.
  • 100% of teachers want to use our game in one or more ways with their classes.

Boost learning and pave the way for a STEM career!

❝Students will run to class to play this game!❞
Renee Lee-Crandol
Science Teacher
Plasma Games will engage students more which will lead to bigger gains in chemistry content knowledge.❞
Anna Lankford
Associate Superintendent for Curriculum Instruction
❝I have taught middle and high school chemistry for 26 years, and this is the most exciting science-based game I have...❞
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Christopher Bright
High School Chemistry Teacher
❝In today’s classroom, teachers must compete with social media and video games to engage students in learning. Teachers...❞
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Anna Lankford
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Instruction, Wilkes County, NC
❝I think for the kids this is just a way they learn and they're comfortable learning and the learning not necessarily...❞
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Kathy Glasheen
Instructional Coach
❝Chemistry is often viewed as difficult and the math involved is a problem for many students. This game makes learning...❞
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Lucile Ganey
Science Teacher